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Consumer Reports named SUBARU the Top Overall Brand for 2019!
Recognizing the 2019 ASCENT as the highest-ranking midsize SUV, and the
2019 FORESTER as the highest-ranking compact SUV.

This Japanese automaker has long been synonymous with unpretentious, practical,and affordable all-wheel-drive cars. Subarus have done well in our testing, thank to roomy interiors, easy access, great visibility, intuitive controls, good fuel economy, and a comfortable ride. Most models have a contemporary infotainment system that's easy to use. Another welcome feature is the EyeSight suite of high-tech safety features that is spread in availability. Historically, Subaru models have fared well in our owner satisfaction and reliability surveys, although the WRX is a recent exception for its subpar reliability. The model line has been reinvigorated with the impressive, all-new Ascent and Forester SUVs.

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