Monthly Parts & Service Offers

Time to think straight!

You’re heading out on the road, and you’ve noticed your Subaru feels like it’s drifting, even though you’re driving in a straight line. Have you hit a nasty pothole or accidently bounced off a curb, (hey, we’re not judging, it happens)?

Well, it sounds like you might need a wheel alignment, and fortunately, Scott Subaru is here to help.

Right now, we’re offering a great price for a 4-Wheel alignment of only $99.99 (plus tax), so come on in and get your Subaru back on the straight and narrow. Oh, and if for some reason you don’t drive a Subaru, that’s ok, we can still get that alignment done for you!

Be Winter Ready

Yeah, it's coming, whether we want it to or not... Winter. Are you planning to be ready?

We're here to help with a Winter Ready Package for only $99.95 (plus tax)

Here's what we'll do for this health and safety assessment:

  • Suspension Component check
  • Brakes and Rotors Inspection
  • Tire Rotation (if needed)
  • Fluid Level Inspection and Top up
  • Inspection of All lights
  • Battery Test
  • Steering Component Inspection
  • Wheel Alignment Inspection
  • Complete a Test Drive

Most importantly, we'll provide peace of mind.

Book your appointment today, because Nature isn't going to wait.

Is it time to “re-tire” your ride?

When you live in Alberta, some things are inevitable. Unfortunately, the dreaded "S" word is one of those things. Yeah we said it, winter’s going to happen, and if you’ve been waiting for the right time to replace those worn-out winter tires that you removed when the snow melted, now’s the perfect opportunity to save some money and give your Subaru the love it deserves.

Scott Subaru is offering a complementary alignment check when you purchase a set of four Winter Tires and have them installed. Should your vehicle fail the alignment check, we do want you to be safe, so we'll perform that alignment for only $99.99 (plus tax). That's a $30 savings from our regular price of $129.99.

Why not make the best of the changing seasons and add some extra confidence to your drive. Don’t wait though, because, like summer, this offer won't last forever.

Get those Horses purring!

Your Subaru needs love, so why not treat it to an “A” Service today for only $50 (plus Tax)? We’ll do the following:


  • Replace your engine oil and filter using Subaru recommended oil
  • Inspect your tire condition, including the spare, and adjust all pressures to recommended levels
  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels, including both differentials, and top off your washer fluid
  • Inspect all lights, wipers, and washers to make sure they’re working right
  • Inspect the drive belt tension and adjust it (if necessary)
  • Test the Battery for health
  • Lubricate all latches, hinges, and locks


Saddle up and book your check-in time today!