Monthly Parts & Service Offers

Road Trip!!

Summer means road trips to the mountains, the lake, maybe even Grandma’s house, so get your Subaru ready for the highway with a semi-annual inspection from Scott Subaru for only $129.95 (plus tax).

We’ll check your coolant, do an A/C and heater performance test, check your engine air and cabin air filters, and more! Book that appointment check-in time today, and then go hit the open road...


Do you hear howls and squeals of outrage from your Subaru when you’re slowing down? Are your passengers making nervous faces when approaching stop lights? Sounds like it’s time to give your brakes some love!

Scott Subaru knows how important it is to be able to stop safely, and to help, we’re offering replacement OEM brake pads & rotors (including parts and labor) starting from just $487.75 (plus Tax) during the month of July.

Book your appointment check-in time online now or come in and see one of our Service Advisors to see how we can help you stay safe while saving you money!

Oh Deer!

We’ve all been there. Driving along minding our own business when suddenly there’s a horned four-legged menace in the road! That’s not the time to be wondering how your brakes are going to perform.

Let Scott Subaru help with the peace of mind that comes with a Brake Fluid Service.

For only $129.95 (plus Tax), we’ll have you safely stopping, so book your appointment check-in time today, and let’s get it done.