Scottsville Rewards


By becoming a member, you will get your own personal Parts & Service Rewards account that will help you save on maintenance and repair costs. You can simply redeem your Rewards when you arrive for your appointment.

When you purchase a vehicle from Scott Subaru you automatically receive a $50 credit when you sign up for Dealer rewards

Save Hundreds on Parts and in our Service Center

5% of each dollar you spend in our Parts and Service departments will be collected to help you save on any future service needs, including maintenance, parts, accessories, and more. Simply present your Scottsville Rewards key-tag to your parts or service advisor with every visit and we’ll tally up your points for you. And when you’re ready to redeem your Reward Dollars, simply ask your advisor.

Scott Subaru Referral

If you have friends or family that are looking to buy a vehicle, refer them to Scott Subaru. We will give you 250 Reward Dollars for the referral if they purchase a vehicle from us.

Lost Key Protection

The Scottsville Rewards key-tag can help reunite you with your missing keys, at no extra cost to you. By using the 8-digit barcode number, we can easily identify the owner of a lost set of keys, which will save you time, money and worry!

Scott Subaru: It Pays to Come Back

How do I find My Reward Accounts balance?
Simply visit our Scottsville Rewards Website and go to the Customer Rewards section. Click on the Rewards key-tag and enter your email address and 8-digit Rewards Card number to generate your up-to-date rewards statement.
Call or visit Scott Subaru today, and we will set you up free of charge!

**Actual value varies depending upon usage**