The 2018 Subaru Outback: Where Unparalleled Styling, Drive and Safety Meet

When you want the comfort and space of an SUV and the feel of driving a car, the 2018 Subaru Outback is the midsize SUV alternative that fits the bill. Its low center of gravity and refined suspension system, coupled with Subaru’s symmetrical full-time AWD system, make the Outback just as enjoyable to drive on the smoothest of roads as it is on tough and rugged terrains.


An Outback to Meet Anyone’s Needs


The 2018 Outback is available with either a 2.5 liter four cylinder engine or a 3.6 liter six cylinder engine. With a multitude of trims with varying features, there’s a Subaru to meet your needs at Scott Subaru. Available trims with the four cylinder engine are the 2.5i and the 2.5i Touring, Limited and Premier, while the 3.6R Touring, Limited and Premier boast the six cylinder.


A Laundry List of both Standard and Available Options


With all models equipped with standard premium options such as a state of the art infotainment system including STARLINK™ smartphone integration, Bluetooth® connectivity and heated seats with three settings, every Outback gives you a taste of comfort and technology. Additional upgraded features available on some models include Harmon Kardon® sound systems, leather seating surfaces and heated steering wheels.


At the Forefront of Safety


The safety features on the 2018 Subaru Outback are incomparable. With some trims coming equipped with Subaru’s impressive EyeSight® advanced safety technology, they have pre-collision braking and brake assist, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, lane keep assist and numerous other features.


A Subaru Enthusiast’s Dream


At Scott Subaru, we invite you to visit either our showroom or our website to shop for your next new vehicle. Whether the 2018 Subaru Outback is your dream car, or one of the many other Subaru models available on our lot, stop in for a test drive and stay for an enjoyable car buying experience. Whether it’s a new Subaru, genuine Subaru parts, accessories or quality service, we’re your local Subaru experts.

Subaru Forester Gets You Where You Need to Go.

The 2018 Subaru Foresters are in at Gemini Motors and we are excited to show them to you. Starting as low as $22,795 they are a steal.


With a 2.5 liter Subaru Boxer 4 cylinder engine, all-wheel drive, and Incline Start Assist these cars are economical and can get you where you need to go. The forester has a fuel capacity of 15.9 gal and averages 22 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. All-wheel drive gives you the traction and stability you need to get around safely in any weather. Incline Start Assist jumps in and helps out on the hills to keep you moving forward with ease.


The Forester also offers 8.7 inches of ground clearance to make off road excursions a possibility. Whether you prefer driving on the pavement or enjoy a taking the family for a trip to the mountains on rocky trails the Forester can get you there.


Both the front and back seats are adjustable to make your ride more comfortable. If you prefer hauling cargo instead of people, the Forester makes that possible as well with 60/40-split flat folding seatbacks. With the seats up you can haul 34.4 cubic feet of cargo and with the seats lowered you can almost double that with 74.7 cubic feet of cargo space. Underfloor storage also comes standard to make it easier to store items out of view.


When you buy a car, safety is always a factor. The Forester comes with an anti-lock braking system, daytime running lights, tire pressure monitoring system, and a rear-vision camera. It also comes standard with front and side airbags, adjustable head restraints, car seat anchors and tethers, adjustable seatbelts, and child-safety door locks.


Whether safety, convenience, cargo space, or family fun are your priority, the 2018 Subaru Forester at Gemini Motors has you covered. Come on in and let us help you find what you are looking for.

Begin Your Adventures with a Subaru

Subarus are known for many things such as their rugged appearance, versatile functionality, and high-quality features. A new or used Subaru can serve you well for many years, regardless of the ways in which you use the vehicle. At Scott Subaru, we can answer your research-related questions, assist you in selecting a vehicle, guide you through the process of financing, and support you with maintenance and repair work.


What Makes a Subaru a Subaru


The 2017 Subaru Legacy comes with a 2.5 liter I-active valve lift system, Flat4-cylinder engine, and all-wheel drive. All of the classic features that you would want and expect from a Subaru are built into this vehicle with high-quality precision. For a full list of those features and more information, visit our website.


As Good as New


Scott Subaru also has a selection of used Subarus that have been inspected, cleaned, and prepared for their next home. Do not hesitate to consider a used vehicle, as the ones that we have to offer should meet all of your quality, safety, comfort, and utility expectations.


Find the Right Funds


Financing your car can be a smooth and painless experience. We have people and resources in place to help you with credit and loan questions, and will work hard with lenders to find the services and programs that fit well with what you need.


Great Service from Day One


At Scott Subaru, we want to make your car buying experience a pleasant one from the first moment you step foot on our property. Please call us to start your search process, or to schedule a test drive if you are already considering a specific vehicle.


You might already know that a Subaru is for you, but if you are still in the car shopping stage, let Scott Subaru help you realize why a 2017 Subaru Legacy could be just the one you need. We have extensive knowledge of this excellent brand, and are committed to making great matches between people and their vehicles.

The 2017 Subaru Crosstrek is Designed to Handle All Your Travel Needs

If you have been looking for a vehicle that you can take on the road and off the road, the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek is it. With features including ground clearing capability, EyeSight Driver Assist technology, blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert, this sports utility vehicle provides for safe journeys wherever your wheels may take you.


Though it’s an SUV, the body of this vehicle is just the right size for both country roads and city roads. Its compact body is deceiving though, as the interior is spacious and comfortable. Fuel efficient and with ample cargo, Subaru’s engineers figured out how to create an economy car without sacrificing space. If you do need more space though, the Crosstrek comes with fold-down rear seats for extra cargo space.


Integrated roof rails provide additional storage, and are equipped to carry whatever your heart desires. From kayaks to skis, and from everything you need for a day trip to everything you need for a long weekend, the standard roof rails are compatible with anything you need.


A sporty exterior with 17-inch wheels that provide optimal ground clearance capabilities and machine finished accents hide a luxurious interior with leather seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and a sleek console. Its symmetrical all-wheel drive feature allows you to take it out on rough roads without sacrificing stability or traction. While your car does all the hard work, you can sit comfortably behind the steering wheel and admire the view ahead. Who said adventure had to be done in a rough vehicle?


EyeSight Driver Assist technology provides for safe travels wherever you may go, as it monitors traffic movement, warns you when you’re swaying beyond your lane and can even apply the brakes for you in emergency situations. The vehicle’s built in safety and security feature offers additional support to help prevent collisions and keep you safe.


The 2017 Subaru Crosstrek truly is well equipped, both inside and out, and is the perfect vehicle for the adventurous spirit. Shop for your Subaru at Scott Subaru today!

Cleaning your Eyesight Equipped Subaru


Spring is here and with spring comes cleaning! Here are some tips and tricks to keeping your eyesight equipped vehicle clean.

The eyesight system is a great driver assistance tool equipped in your Subaru. The cameras positioned on either side of your rear-view mirror require special attention when cleaning the interior of your vehicle.

It is important to make sure the camera lens by your rear-view mirror are NEVER touched. Even the smallest debris can result in the eyesight system to function improperly. As there is no way to clean the camera lens, making sure there is no damage or contamination to the lens is very important.

  1. Before you start cleaning the inside of your Subaru, cover the camera lens with a type of clean plastic wrap, without touching the camera lens themselves. This will ensure, in in the worst-case cleaning scenario, the lens will be protected.
  2. When cleaning the windshield on the inside, never spray the windshield with glass cleaner, but spray the cloth instead. Over-spray could reach the camera lens and result in a costly fix.
  3. Do not use any kind of vinyl cleaner on the dash that results in the dash being shiny or greasy. Sunlight could reflect from the dash into the camera lens or windshield and cause the eyesight system to disable itself.
  4. If you are having your Subaru cleaned at a service station, etc., be sure to request that the attendant covers the camera lens before cleaning the vehicle.

If the camera lens is touched for any reason, be sure to contact your Subaru Dealer.

The Subaru Forester Is Perfect for Any Adventure

The 2017 Subaru Forester is newly redesigned and better than ever. Scott Subaru is proud to offer this vehicle in our inventory of new and used vehicles. The 2017 Forester comes standard with symmetrical all-wheel drive and gets you an incredible 32 mpg highway. The 2.5-liter Subaru Boxer 4-cylinder engine is capable of producing 170 horsepower and 174 lb.-ft. of torque. Like with any Subaru, you know you’re getting unmatched performance and efficiency with this vehicle.






There’s plenty to love about this vehicle, including the fact that it’s a Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle with zero-landfill manufacturing. It also comes equipped with a plethora of top tier safety features, like EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, High Beam Assist, Subaru Starlink Safety and Security, Vehicle Dynamics Control, and much more. Safety is of the utmost importance to us and to you and your passengers, and this Forester comes equipped with some the best safety features on the market.




This is a vehicle built for adventure, so it’s no wonder that it comes equipped with capabilities meant to enhance your driving experience and beyond. The sport-tuned suspension gives this vehicle dynamic handling and control at all times, on any surface. Premium audio, which features 8 speakers, a Harmon Kardon amplifier, an SiriusXM, makes any driving experience more enjoyable for you and your passengers. Starlink Multimedia keeps you connected by incorporating your apps into the 7.5-inch touchscreen display. No matter where the road takes you, you have the capabilities to stay connected at every turn.


Stop by or give us a call to check out all these features and more for yourself. We are here to get you going on your next adventure, and the 2017 Subaru Forester is the perfect vehicle with which to do so.

The Potent New Subaru WRX

The 2017 Subaru WRX is a potent package of fine handling, stylish looks and Subaru quality. From the cockpit to the engine to the steering system this performance vehicle is designed to offer a high level of response and control. Powered by a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.0 liter engine, it comes with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a continuously variable transmission. We also like the fact that it scores high on safety tests performed by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.


Visual Appeal




With its flared fenders and scoop hood and large wheels the WRX has the snazzy look of a race car. Starting with the body design of the Impreza, the WRX has modified the fenders and bumpers and has enlarged the air intakes. The design of the dashboard is functional and roomy as well, with cowls over the main gauges and the LCD display. The WRX is available in base, premium and limited trim styles.


Refined Handling


Car and Driver gives high praise to the electric power-steering system, reporting that the WRX corners precisely and predictably. An advanced refinement of the handling mechanisms, electronic torque vectoring calibrates the brakes on turns and improves cornering responsiveness. The car’s firm suspension and large stabilizer bars also work to give the car a comfortable feel on the street. During high performance driving, the traction control can be disabled if so desired.




For a person looking for a stimulating car to drive, with responsive handling and a high-powered engine implementing the latest technology, we invite them to take a close look at the Subaru WRX. With its large suite of standard and optional features, it can be ordered to fit nearly anyone’s desires.


At Scott Subaru our professional staff can go over all of the options of our fleet of vehicles. Stop in anytime to take one of our vehicles for a test drive.

Check Out the 2017 Subaru Legacy

Wherever your driving adventures take you, you want to make sure you have a vehicle that can stand up to any terrain or weather. Make sure to consider all the features of your favorite cars. It’s also good to compare them against other models to make the best decision.






The 2017 Subaru Legacy is a very safe vehicle, with features like standard all wheel drive and excellent crash test ratings. That’s good news in a full-size sedan market where two-wheel drive is usually the only option available. A good ride height also gives you an advantageous point of view to see what’s going on around you on the road.


If the Subaru Legacy doesn’t fit all of your requirements, come on down to Scott Subaru and we’ll put you in a vehicle that does. There plenty of trim levels and different models to choose from, with varying levels of performance, cargo capacity and comfort. We answer your questions and listen to your requirements in order to make the best suggestion possible for you.




The standard all-wheel-drive is the feature that makes the Legacy stand out among all of its midsize sedan competitors. At Scott Subaru, we know that it makes a lot of sense to have a vehicle with this all-weather capacity. After all, the weather isn’t always clear here around Red Deer.


The trim levels on the Legacy are named for the engine size. The 2.5i has a 2.5-liter displacement boxer 4-cylinder engine that cranks out 174 pound feet of torque and 175 horsepower. The 3.6R upgrade is a 6-cylinder 3.6-liter that gives you 256 horsepower.


The Legacy has all of the common standard safety features you expect. It also goes beyond with a rear view camera and seat-bottom stabilizing airbags that deploy in the case of a frontal collision.


Come down to Scott Subaru and let us find the best vehicle for you. We’ll also work out a maintenance schedule to keep you on the road as long as possible without costly complications.

Buying a New Compact SUV

As the 2017 Dealer of the Year, Scott Subaru is dedicated to providing premium customer service to those who are looking to purchase a car. Whether you are interested in the new 2017 Subaru Forester or the classic 2012 BMW X1, here are a few tips to help you get find the right vehicle and obtain financing.


Individualized Service and Financing


At Scott Subaru, we understand that every customer has different needs. That is why we strive to enhance your experience with individualized service and competitive financing rates. We work with all major lenders to offer fixed and variable rates, and you can find out if you are approved within minutes of submitting your application.


Free Quotes and Appraisals


If you are not ready to apply for financing, we can give you a free quote instead. With our simple online form, you can request a quote on any vehicle, including the most recent showroom models. For those who would like to trade in a vehicle to offset the purchase price of a new car, you can also request a free appraisal online or visit your local dealership.


Rewards for New and Pre-Owned Vehicles


Scott Subaru is also known for its prestigious rewards program, which allows customers to feel more confident in their investment. By creating a vehicle rewards account, you can save money on qualified purchases as well. With this program, you can earn discounts on new or pre-owned cars, or apply your rewards to future maintenance visits. If you know someone who is looking to purchase a new car, you can even earn rewards for referrals and use them on your next purchase.


No matter what kind of car you need, our top priority is to help you make a purchase with minimal hassle and expense. All you have to do is take your new car for a test drive and let our experienced team of professionals take care of the rest.

The WRX STI Delivers a Fun Driving Experience

So many vehicles on the road today are adequate for getting from point A to point B, but they just aren’t much fun to drive. That’s not the case with the 2017 Subaru WRX STI. This sporty sedan is ridiculously fun to drive, because it delivers both power and performance. If you have been craving an exciting driving experience, here are four reasons the WRX STI might be the right car for you.




When it comes to power, it is hard to beat the dominance of this Subaru. This compact, four-door sedan does not forget it rally roots. With a turbo-charged, four-cylinder engine, the WRX STI delivers a commanding 305 horsepower that will sit you back in your set. With an all-wheel drive system, this sedan grips the road, keeping power even after existing hard turns. Even with all that power, you will still probably get an acceptable EPA-estimated 24 mpg on the highway.




The WRX STI’s builders aggressively tuned the sedan’s suspension to give you as much control over your driving experience as possible. With responsive steering, this car handles significantly better than the competition. Even with little effort, you will be able to negotiate tight turns without losing stability in the WRX STI.




If you think you might have to give up style for the power and performance offered by the WRX STI, you would be wrong. Without going overboard, this car offers appropriate sport seats and decent material finishes. You also get a nice audio system and 6.2-inch display screen, giving you a good interface to the technology onboard the WRX STI.




The WRX STI offers safety features that will protect the drive and passengers in this powerful sedan. Traction and stability control, antilock brakes, and complete airbags come standard on the vehicle. With the optional EyeSight service, the car also has a driver-assisted braking technology.


For a powerful, performance sedan it is hard to beat the 2017 Subaru WRX STI. Scott Subaru has a wide assortment of these vehicles.